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Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy

It is the responsibility of Prescription Care to safeguard the privacy of users as well as their personal information. This policy refers directly to information collected via our website www.prescriptioncare.com Prescription Care may amend this policy at any time at our discretion. Amendments made to this policy will be posted on the website and should be considered active as of the time of posting. Continuing to use this site indicates your agreement to the current policy.

Collected Information

We may ask for your personal information to complete transactions on your behalf. This includes requested services, material subscriptions, information requests and registering for meetings. We may ask you for personal information in order to complete these transactions and/or to deliver the services and materials you have requested.

These transactions may include asking you for personally identifying information such as your telephone number, home address, Social Security Number and email address. It may also include your user ID and passwords. At times we may also gather information on your preferences and your prior education or employment history.

Prescription Care may also collect non-personal information from time to time during your visit to the site. These types of information may include but are not limited to, types of standard information your web browser transmits to the site such as the type of browser and language, time of access and the address of the website that directed you to the Prescription Care homepage.

In addition, we may collect information about your Internet Protocol (IP) address and the actions you take while viewing the site such as links you click and pages you view, also known as click stream procedure.In order to tailor the information you see while visiting the website, personal demographic data may be gained to show you content relevant to your experience.

Prescription Care may use ‘cookies,’ a type of standard browser file stored on your hard drive. These files assist you when making purchases on the site and store information, making it easier for you to log in and store personal preferences. You may also be transferred securely to an Prescription Care third-party vendor, who may then collect your credit card information and other personal information for the purpose of processing your payment on behalf of Prescription Care.

All credit card information obtained by the Prescription Care site during a purchase is securely handled in accordance with all applicable laws, payment card industry standards and current regulations governing such information.

Personal Information Usage

Prescription Care collects and maintains personal information in order to deliver the products and services as requested by you. It may also use this information to further your experience via advocacy programs such as quality assurance or to contact you in the event of an emergency in relation to the prescription advocacy programs.

We may also use this information to provide you with information about our company, including promotional materials and to contact you should we need information regarding your account.

You are welcome to contact Prescription Care at any time to obtain a copy of your personal information for your review. You may also request restrictions to be placed on the use and disclosure of your personal information and can amend this data at any time.

At your request, Prescription Care will provide you with a complete list of all disclosures in reference to your personal information. Once your personal information is no longer needed, it is disposed of in a manner that ensures your privacy and protection. Such methods include erasing and shredding of data or rendering collected data unreadable.

It is not the policy of Prescription Care to sell your personal information to third parties, whether it is of a personal or financial nature. Prescription Care may, as needed, share your information with licensing agencies. These may include but are not limited to pharmacy boards, pharmacy technician organizations (provided you are a certified pharmacy technician) and law enforcement or regulatory agencies as required by law.

To deliver the services you have requested, Prescription Care may provide our vendors with your personal information. For instance, your name and address may be provided in order to have information mailed to you. These third parties are bound by applicable federal and state laws and have agreed to respect your privacy in accordance with these and the regulations of Prescription Care.

Updating and Correcting Information

At any time should you wish to correct information you have provided to Prescription Care or to set your preference of preferred contact method by Prescription Care, you may contact Customer Service at:

1. privacy@prescriptioncare.com
2. Phone: {phone_number}
3. Fax. 1-866-262-2603
4. Mail Us At: 2885 Sanford Ave SW #36237 Grandville, MI 49418

Opting Out

To set your preference that Prescription Care not contact you in regards to information about Prescription Care or for purposes specific to Prescription Care, you may opt-out by contacting Customer Service at:

1. privacy@prescriptioncare.com
2. Phone:  {phone_number}
3. Fax. 1-866-262-2603
4. Mail Us At: 2885 Sanford Ave SW #36237 Grandville, MI 49418

Note: Opting out does not apply to the communications you receive as part of services, registrations or materials you purchased on the site.

Third-Parties and Links

This website may contain links which lead to websites not under the control of Prescription Care. These links are a convenience provided to you by the Prescription Care website. Note that we are not responsible for the practices or content of any sites linked to Prescription Care.

You understand that these links are used at your own risk. We are not responsible for the privacy policies or operations of third-party websites linked to Prescription Care. Our privacy policy applies strictly to information obtained during your usage of the Prescription Care site.


It is the practice of Prescription Care to utilize industry-standard protection measures to safeguard the security of your personal information. For example, your personal information is encrypted for your protection while being collected through the site. Prescription Care cannot guarantee that these measures will be 100% effective for all information you submit via the website but we do take every reasonable precaution available to protect your personal information’s security.

Operational Procedures

The servers and the website that make this site available worldwide are located in the United States. All matters relating to or stemming from transactions on this site are governed by the laws of the United States. Information transmitted or submitted while using this site will be transferred to the US. Your use of this website by visiting the site and submitting information indicates that you agree to the processing, transfer, and use of this information.

Privacy Policy and Agreement

Your use of this site, including logging, signifies an agreement on your behalf to the terms of this Privacy Policy and any modifications thereof and also your agreement to hold harmless Prescription Care, its directors, officers, members, contractors, employees and all affiliates from all any and all claims that may arise from information that has been transmitted or provided by you to Prescription Care in a secure manner.

If you would like to request a paper copy of this policy, if you have any questions about the policy or the processes and practices of the site and your interactions with the site or if you would like to place restrictions on the usage of your information or file a complaint, please contact Prescription Care Customer Service at:

Email: prescriptioncare.com
Phone:   {phone_number}